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We're stronger, together.

We came together because of the things we share and because we see how we can do so much more with our combined people, resources and knowledge.

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Our approach to joining together

Our integration vision is that we become a stronger and more sustainable organisation.
We will do this with a priority on the quality and continuity of services to the people we support.

Integration Principles

Our integration principles focus on the people we support and will keep everyone engaged throughout the journey as we become a stronger, more sustainable organisation. 

Maintain focus on quality

Make sure our focus never changes from delivering consistently quality services.

Engage the people we support in decisions affecting them.

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Share and learn from one another

Make sure teams, people we support, carers and families are well informed and have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Build on existing strengths of the two organisations.

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Change for good

Plan integration to avoid confusion, distractions, or duplication of effort.


Only make changes where it means a stronger organisation or better outcomes.


Recognise where things don't need to change.

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Let's get to know one another

Meet the people that make our organisations special, and get to know the teams and initiatives that make us proud. 

Latest news

Stay in the loop

Find the information most relevant to you

There's plenty of information available on this site, let us help you find what you're looking for. 



Information about the merger for our employees.

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People we support

Information about the merger for people we support.


Families and carers

Information about the merger for families and carers.



Information about the merger for the communities we serve. 

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